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Concrit Meme

Am I going off-course with Riku?

PleasepleasePLEASE leave a comment here if you find anything wrong with the way I play him. Comments are screened~


Dropping Post

[in Boy's 13, the tiniest cowboy is packing up the last of his football gear, tidying up his bed, and generally failing at this whole leaving like a ninja thing]

(( Open to anyone and open forever. ))

Adventures in Playercest

ONCE UPON A TIME I decided to conquer my fears and attempt playercesting. It was scary and new and turned out completely different than I thought it would and I loved it. So I decided I would do more playercest when I could, but only in playercest posts. This post here is to help me keep track of these threads, because they each built upon one another and I wanted to keep them all somewhere I could reference them.

Part One. (4/28/2007)
Part Two. (5/25/2007)
Part Three. (7/25/2007)
Part Four. (8/31/2007)

ALONG WITH THAT I figured it'd be nifty to also keep track of other information that had to do with playercesting. Which will go under this cut here.Collapse )


Five Things Meme


Okay, jumping on the Five Things Meme bandwagon. I play Kuzco, Tatsuha, Ryo, and Kaitani Riku.

HIT ME-wrongnameforthat |D



Age: 15 16 (in camp)
Eyes: Greenish
Hair: Grayish-white
Height: 159 cm / 5'3"
Weight: 41 kg / 112 lbs
Birthday: April 20th
Extra Canon Info:
Bloodtype: A
40 yard dash: 4.5 seconds
Bench press: 60 kg
Medical Info: Just your average teenage boy?

Physical traits: Nothing remarkable, is apparently the correct height for all 1516-year-olds his age in Eyeshield 21.

What's Not Okay To Mention: Nothing really? As far as I know, Riku doesn't have any trauma buttons.

Notes for the Psychics: NOTHIN-okay I'm seeing a pattern here. He really IS just a normal football-sexual guy. D:

Abilities: RODEO DRIVE uh let's see. Riku's top running speed is 4.5 seconds for the 40 yard dash and it's pretty apparent that he can keep up this speed for a long time. The Rodeo Drive lets him boost up his speed temporarily but other than that, he's just human.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Of course! Feel free to contact me at any time to do so. |D

Kissing/Hugging: Riku... doesn't have any really big qualms with it, but if you're a total stranger, yeah, there'll be some funny looks. He is more used to MANLY BACKPATS though justsaying.

Fighting: Riku only fights when he catches sight of someone strong picking on the weak. Then his whole JUSTICE thing kicks in and he'll mostly rely on his speed to get him through. He probably wouldn't pick a fight with someone he could tell was stronger/faster than him, but on the whole fighting probably wouldn't happen. DEFENDING THE WEAK, yes, random fighting no.

Maim/Murder/Death: ... Uhm. I think I'd be okay with it only after he gets to a moogle. But, yes, please confer with me first.

Cooking: The very very basics of cooking, probably. Like he helps his mom when she asks him to. >:

Generic App Post



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